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Outback Women Profile featuring Dean

Durrie Station is located 100km east of Birdsville. Nadine (Dean) Lorenz lives there with her husband Darren and their three children, Matthew (13), Eboni (9) and Jesse (8). Matthew is currently away at boarding school in Warwick. Eboni and Jesse complete their schooling at Durrie through Mt Isa School of Distance Education.
Deon's Lookout, Betoota (Kate McDonald)

Dean loves being a mother and a wife for her family. However, living on a station requires Dean to undertake many other roles as well. She is a cook, a counsellor, a nurse a cleaner a bookkeeper and an active member of her community. Dean is a passionate member of the local rodeo club and the social club. Last year Dean under took a massive fundraising effort and took part in Shave for a Cure raising much needed funds for Leukemia Research.
Dean and Darren's Wedding (Outback Pics Longreach)

Dean has lived in the Channel Country since 1998. Her first impression upon arriving was “why would anyone live out here?”

Despite her hesitant first impression, Dean has grown to completely love the area, can answer her own question and completely understands why people fall in love with living in the outback and never want to leave! Dean’s thinks that the people in the outback are just wonderful and so supportive and make living there worthwhile. She feels it is a great place to raise you kids and living remotely you really learn how strong you are as a person. Not everyone likes the lifestyle, but everyone should come at least once and check it out.

Dean has many favourite memories of living in the outback but the most special was when she got married to her husband Darren on the 19th of May 2012 in Birdsville. Not only was it a special event for Dean and Darren but a community event! All of their family travelled out to Birdsville to share their special day with them, and from the photos the whole town and surrounding areas of Birdsville was there too! It was even featured in the OUTBACK magazine.
Road to Birdsville (Kate McDonald)
Family is a big part of Dean’s life and has shaped who she is today. Her role models are her mother and father and she would be lost without them as well as her brothers and her sister.

Dean wishes that her Poppy was alive so her could come out and experience what life is like at Durrie. Although he passed away when Dean was young, he is a very special man in her life. Dean would love to have him sit at the dinner table so she could share with him what she’s done in her life, the good and the bad, and show him what she’s achieved so far. She would love him to be able to meet his 3 great-grandchildren as well. Dean thinks this would be the best dinner that she could ever and would ever want.

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