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Outback Women Profiles featuring Lorraine Kath

The road to Betoota- Kate McDonald
Betoota, population: 0.
Betoota is Lorraine Kath’s closest town. All that remains in Betoota is a boarded up pub and a race track which is still used a couple of times a year.

Lorraine lives at Mt Leonard Station which is located in the Channel Country, 220 kilometres west of Windorah. She lives here with her husband and 3 children. At Mt Leonard Lorraine is the station cook, domestic help, gardener, and of course, wife to Chook and mother to Cassandra, Leah and Jacob. Lorraine has also been the home tutor at Mt Leonard when her children were a bit younger.
Cassandra, Leah and Jacob- Lorraine Kath

Lorraine and Chook- Emily McCullagh

In her community, Lorraine is the secretary of the Betoota Race Club and secretary/treasurer of the Betoota Gymkhana Club. She is also a board member of Vast Arts.

Lorraine has lived in the outback for 19 years and can’t think of a better place to live. She loves the people, the events and the landscapes. She feels that her family live in an amazing part of Australia. Lorraine couldn’t think of a better place to raise a family than in the outback. The wide open spaces and the freedom to roam is a wonderful experience for her children.
The hardest part of living in the outback is sending your children off to boarding school. This year, Lorraine and Chook have sent their 2 daughters to boarding school in Townsville. The opportunities for them at school are endless and they will continue to grow from the experience.  Each time they drop them off, their heart breaks but deep down they know it is the best place for them.
Cassandra, Leah and Jacob- Lorraine Kath

Lorraine is a keen photographer and has published books and calendars with her works. She is a regular at all rodeos, campdrafts and gymkhanas capturing all the action and the thrills and spills. Her landscape photography is impressive as well. Lorraine loves photographing the country she lives in. The changing scenery and colours never cease to amaze her.
Lake Nappanerica- Lorraine Kath

Lorraine’s role model is her grandmother Nellie. From a young age Lorraine spent a lot of time with Nanna; she lived in her back pocket. She loved spending time with her grandmother on weekends or helping her cook Lorraine’s favourite dessert. Whether it was holiday visits to Yeppoon or fortnightly grocery trips to the Sunshine Coast, Lorraine was with her grandparents. Nanna is loving person who always has a smile on her face! If Lorraine can live a wonderful life and still be happy at 91 like my grandmother then she knows she will be content.

If Lorraine has the chance to invite a special guest to dinner at Mt Leonard it would be her grandmother Nellie and her grandfather Bill. Unfortunately, Bill passed away when Lorraine was a child and her grandmother, due to her age, is unable to visit. However she desperately wishes she could make the trip. Lorraine would love to share with her grandparents the outback, the place she calls home and where she is raising her 3 children.


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