Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Outback women profiles

During my time spent in the outback so far I met have some incredible women going about their everyday lives and enduring some hard times. I have never heard them complain about how hard it is, or that they wish they were somewhere else where it was just easier. These women teach children, run businesses, muster cattle, fence paddocks and are regular faces at community events and wouldn’t swap any of it for the world.

I interviewed some of these women in South Western Queensland about their lives, their contributions to the community and why they choose to live here-despite the hardships and constant daily battles some of them face.
Over the next week I will publishing their stories on this blog to hopefully give people an understanding about life out here and in particular what these women's lives entail.
So grab a cuppa and settle in to read some interesting tales of the outback.

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