Friday, 24 January 2014

The drive back to the Channel Country

The 1900km trek back to the station after my holidays seemed like a pretty daunting task. I’d done it before, and I knew I could do it but I wasn’t looking forward to it.

Thankfully I spaced it out over 5 days and broke up the driving with some long awaited visits at friends places.

My first stop wasn’t far down the road, in Smithtown, for lunch with Tess and baby Claire. I’d done a lot of sewing in my summer break, including some gorgeious ruffle pants for Claire. Tess and I dressed her up and did a bit of a photo shoot with her. She just loved the camera. We both couldn’t believe it when she just sat there posing! Too cute. Tess was also kind enough to lend me a uni textbook which will hopefully help me with my studies in the next few months.

After what seemed like an eternity of roadworks along the Pacific Highway I finally made it to Kyogle to visit Beck and the girls. I had a lovely few days/nights there and it was very relaxing and enjoyable. I was followed around by Sienna who exclaimed, Kate McDonald please come here, more times each day than I can fathom. I even managed to get in some sewing time-showed Beck how to use her overlocked (I still advised her to get professional lessons) and the results was an outfit for Sienna, who, though apprehensive at first, was very pleased with her new clothes.

After three fab days it was time to head on the road again. I met Georgie in Toowoomba and we went road trippin’. We made it to Roma and stayed with Sam. We went out for a lovely meal at the club.
Massive irrigation

Georgie and Ralph

Giant prickly pear
Seemed to be a familiar sight all day


The next day was our final day of driving. It was a long 11 hour day. We didn’t see much, apart from dirt, roadworks and wildlife. I unfortunately gained a massive rock crack in my windscreen thanks to some interesting driving by another road user. Thankfully Georgie had some tape to patch it up.
We're on our street....only 500+ kms to go!

And it's getting hotter-temperature in Quilpie at 3pm

Light shower brought out the roos to drink from the puddles on the road...very inconvenient

Dust storm on the driveway

Made it back to SG safely…despite the dust storms, kangaroos and storms that held us up and made the drive go on forever!

Back into the swing of things and dealing with the 45+ degree heat!


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